Avalara CRUSH19, Work Opportunity Tax Credit Webinar

avalara-crush-2019 logoBrian Kelly at Avalara CRUSH

We had a great time at Crush last week. Thansk to everyone who stopped by to meet Brian Kelly and find out more about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. We would like to invite you to a WOTC executive overview with Managing Partner and WOTC expert, Brian Kelly!

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 Thursday, May 30th at 1.00pm Tuesday, June 11th at 1.00pm

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“Did you know each new hire you bring onboard could result in a federal tax credit of $2,400.00?”

CMS’ trusted WOTC service provides a revenue generating source for our clients, while we do all the work:

  • CMS’s service, will take all the tenuous effort of screening each new hires as well as filing to all the State and Federal Agencies.
  • Industry trends indicate that 3rd party interaction in this process also increases success rate of the tax credit, which amounts to BIG SAVINGS!
  • The only thing you and your company do is watch and wait as tax credits begin to build!
  • Click Here & Calculate Your WOTC Savings!

With 20 years of WOTC experience, CMS regularly provides clients of all sizes WOTC tax credits screening across the country.


See Below for our Avalara CRUSH Raffle Winners!



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