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Have a question for us, or want to ask us how the WOTC can help your business or clients? To speak with a CMS WOTC Representative, or find out about the Work opportunity Tax Credit Savings in your state, please call us at 1-800-517-9099 and ask for Brian Kelly, or send an email.

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Testimonials From Attendees:

-Excellent presentation A good way to present an overlooked tax credit to business clients.

-Excellent presentation; very informative

-I hope that the presenter will give more presentation on this subject in the future.

-Great course on the 28 day rule and which forms to fill out and submit to the pertinent agency.

-great information very detail including which form to file and how to file for tax credits

-The Course was very well organized and very educational material made available, very handy indeed.

-Mr. Kelly was very well spoken and the information with very good.

-The presentation was excellent. The instructor gave very good examples.

-Very good speaker, He kept me interested.

-Very informative and well delivered. Thank you

-Very Knowledgeable instructor

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