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Four Ways To Speed Up Your Background Checks by our Partner Verified First

Improving the turnaround time of your background checks helps your company acquire top talent and creates a stronger talent pipeline. Here are four simple things you can do to improve your turnaround time. Thanks to one of our partners, Verified First, for sharing their insight with us. After completing an interview process and finding the[…]

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work opportunity tax credit in the news wotc

Senator Seeks Expansion of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. [D-PA] Introduced S.255 – Disability Employment Incentive Act on January 29th, 2019. The bill seeks the expansion of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to include individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides employers with incentives for hiring individuals from target groups. To amend the[…]

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CMS Brian Kelly, in Washington DC

Reminder to Customers: Send WOTC Surveys Within 28 Days of Employee’s Start Date

We would like to remind customers who are doing a lot of hiring over the next few months to make sure you send us your WOTC paperwork within 3 weeks of the employee’s start date. Because of the WOTC 28 Day Rule CMS has just 28 days from the employee’s start date to submit your forms[…]

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CMS WOTC Target Groups

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit’s Ten Target Groups Slide Show

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit’s Ten Target Groups from Cost Management Services Learn about the ten Work Opportunity Tax Credit Target Groups in this slide share from Cost Management Services. WOTC is a federal Tax Credit for businesses who hire individuals who fall under one of these target groups that include veterans. Contact CMS Today[…]

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hiring ex-offenders

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Hiring Ex-Offenders

In a recent online article Businesses can’t find people to hire. So why is unemployment still so high for this demographic?, NBC News reported that despite a record 6.7 million open jobs in America and the fact that nearly one-third of small businesses cannot fill open jobs, the stigma against hiring formerly incarcerated people is[…]

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WOTC Questions FAQ

WOTC Questions: How Many People Can I Hire?

At CMS, as Work Opportunity Tax Credit “WOTC” subject matter experts and service providers since 1997, we receive a lot of questions via our website and through the webcasts we attend. This week’s WOTC Question comes from our email contact form. How many people can I hire? CMS says, this is another fairly common question[…]

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Hiring Ex-Offenders

The February 2012 issue of HR Magazine features an article by Eric Krell discussing the merits of hiring ex-offenders. The feature discusses the legal aspects, including all the risks and rewards and how you can help by hiring an ex-offender. For WOTC purposes an Ex-felon is described as “An individual convicted of a felony and[…]

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