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North Carolina Issues $188 Million in WOTC Tax Credits in 2018

75,745 Qualified New Hires in 2018 13.5% Increase in WOTC Certifications Issued by the State over 2017 2,548 Employers Participated 3 Percent Higher than 2017 The North Carolina Department of Commerce Workforce Solutions division announced yesterday that it has issued more than 75,000 Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) certifications to more than 2,500 employers in[…]

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CMS Streamlines Work Opportunity Tax Credit Administration

CMS streamlines and simplifies the WOTC application process for employers. CMS’s secure online WOTC portal allows your new hires to complete the WOTC questionnaire online in minutes. Employees sign the forms electronically. No paperwork required. With CMS’ Secure Document Submission, employers can upload any required documentation to a secure online portal, instead of mailing, faxing,[…]

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