About CMS’ WOTC Screening Services

What Cost Management Services Does:

CMS has helped businesses save money by taking advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for over 25 years. How it works:

  • New Employees apply online via a secure portal or call center. (see WOTC Screening Options).
  • 10-20% of your new hires may qualify. (see calculator).
  • A potential of $1,500 to $9,600 in tax credits per eligible employees. (see eligible categories).
  • CMS verifies eligibility and files with the appropriate state workforce agency.
  • CMS tracks the hours and wages of eligible employees to ensure you receive the maximum tax credit available.
    • Vow to Hire Heroes Act.
    • American Taxpayer Relief Act.
  • Integrates with your Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) or Electronic Onboarding.

Win-Win for Customers

Our policy is that we don’t get paid, unless you get paid. We do the work for you. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Don’t leave tax credits on the table. Call a Work Opportunity Tax Credit Expert Today to get started now 1-800-517-9099.

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    “We have been using CMS’ tax credit program for over five years now, and the results have been excellent, saving us over $100,000 over all our corporations. I would strongly recommend using Cost Management Services’ Tax Credit Program.”
    – Rich McCarthy, Great American

    Become a Strategic Business Partner


    If you are an CPA, accounting firm, HR Consultant or business owner, we invite you to partner with CMS to provide WOTC services to your customers. We do all the work for you, and support you during the sales process. Learn more about becoming a partner.