WOTC Forms


WOTC Required Forms

Spanish Language Forms (Please note Spanish language forms are used for reference only.)

WOTC Workflow

  • Employer gives applicants or new hires the 8850 and 9061 IRS forms to complete and return as part of new hire paperwork.
  • CMS reviews 8850 and 9061 IRS forms to determine eligibility.
  • Employees are marked as qualified or ineligible based on their responses.
  • CMS processes qualified applicants and documentation to the State WOTC agency.
  • WOTC agency sends tax credit vouchers to CMS.
  • CMS tracks the employee’s hours and wages until they meet WOTC target hours/wages.
  • When target hours/wages limits are met, CMS sends the tax credit voucher to the employer.
  • Online forms are available through our processing service. Call 1-800-517-9099 to sign up today.

Forms must be submitted to the state workforce agency within 28 calendar days of the employee’s start date.