About the Work Opportunity Tax Credits

President George W. Bush passed the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program in May of 2007. It was enacted to promote the hiring of individuals who qualify as a member of a target group, and to provide a federal tax credit to employers who hire these individuals.

Cost Management Services has been working with employers for over 10 years to save money by taking advantage of the CMS Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program.

We do all the work for you

Get a bonus for your company, while helping others. CMS will provide your organization with the tools to maximize the WOTC tax incentives. In addition CMS will provide the following benefits:

  • CMS will identify eligible employees.
  • CMS understands all the Federal and State guidelines for your company to obtain the eligible tax credits.
  • CMS handles all the administrative duties necessary to obtain WOTC in your state.
  • CMS protects your organization from asking the sensitive questions necessary to obtain the WOTC tax credits.

Based on CMS’ experience 15% of the workforce is eligible for the employment tax credits. Why aren’t you taking advantage? Call CMS today at 1-800-517-9099.

Download our PDF Work Opportunity Tax Credits Brochure.