President Obama To Announce New Steps To Get Veterans Back To Work

Today the president will announce new steps aimed at helping the nation’s one million unemployed veterans get back to work. In a speech at the Washington Navy Yard, the president will challenge the private sector to hire 100,000 veterans or their spouses by the end of 2013 and will propose extending tax credits for wounded warriors and service members returning from combat.

“The president feels that our veterans who have served the country, put their lives on the line and are coming into a difficult labor market, deserve all the support we as a country can give them to find new careers, new private sector job opportunities that will allow them to have economic security for themselves and their families,” an administration official said.

The president will advocate for a “Returning Heroes Tax Credit,” which would offer participating companies a $2,400 tax credit for hiring short-term unemployed veterans. The White House would also offer additional incentives of $4,800 to companies hiring service members who have faced unemployment for six months or longer. …

Via: ABC News, Click here for full Article.