Seven Reasons to Use Paperless WOTC Screening Today!

CMS has been providing Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening services for over 20 years. We have helped save employers millions of dollars that can be reinvested back into their businesses. We currently offer three ways you can screen your employees: paper, call center and online.

We highly encourage customers to take advantage of the online form that we developed or the call center, both of which provide several benefits to you.

The Advantage of Going Paper Free with WOTC:

1. It’s much faster. Going paperless is easy, pain free, and super efficient because there is less of an administrative burden for clients. Less printing, less mailing, less making sure your hiring managers are compliant. Make sure you get the applications in within the 28-day deadline so you don’t miss out on credits. Applications can be done on a phone, tablet or desktop for the applicant’s convenience.

2. It’s more secure. Private and confidential data is secured and encrypted in our secure web portal. Less people have access to the data than when it’s printed. New hires call the call center, or do the online form quickly and easily, and much more privately.

3. Translation. Our web portal adds Google translation, which breaks down the language barriers to make sure you get correct responses. Additionally, CMS’s 24/7 call center is also multi-lingual with Spanish, German, Portuguese and even more languages available.

WOTC Translation Example

4. Your tax credits won’t get lost in the mail. With no mailing deadlines to be concerned with, you can feel confident that we’ll receive your WOTC applications in time to be processed appropriately.

5. Get Better Insight into Your Tax Credit Savings with our newly updated WOTC portal. Track submissions, see how many certifications you’ve received and the value of your tax credits.

New CMS WOTC Portal

6. Call Center Convenience. When your new hire doesn’t have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone to complete the WOTC survey, you can still call the call center. It’s available 24/7 in any time zone.

7. It’s Greener! Yes, switching to a paperless Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening is better for the environment! Not only are you not using paper, you have cut down your carbon footprint by eliminating the mail, and delivery process. Win-win-win!

Contact Sean Kelly at CMS today to switch to a paperless screening service 860-269-0539, or contact us here.