CMS Pin Point WOTC Technology Map

Introducing CMS Pin Point WOTC Technology (CPPT)

CMS’s Pin Point WOTC Technology (CPPT) performs a multi-step process to detect, identify and confirm new hires living in Federal Empowerment Zones and Rural Renewal Communities. CMS provides another technology tool designed to maximize the federal tax credit program for our clients. CMS’s Pin Point WOTC Technology (CPPT) automatically scans the new hire’s address fields[…]


WOTC Questions: How do I figure out if a new hire lives in an empowerment zone?

At CMS, as Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) experts and service providers since 1997, we receive a lot of questions via our website’s chat box: CMS Says: To qualify under the Designated community resident category, an employee is at least age 18 but not yet age 40 and lives in either an Empowerment Zone, or Rural Renewal[…]