The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Can Benefit Franchises

Franchise Direct recently posted an article on how the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Can Benefit Franchises. This is great advice. Franchises are typically small businesses, and small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Whether you are in food service, cleaning, home care, elder care or another service, if you are hiring, you can take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

CMS has helped small businesses navigate the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for over 20 years. We’ve helped save millions for employers.

As the article reports, “the WOTC provides a federal tax credit to employers who employ and hire members of certain demographic groups who consistently face employment barriers. This includes qualified veterans; ex-felons; recipients of long-term family assistance, SSI, SNAP; rehabilitation referrals and others.

That Tax Credit can be up to $2,400, or up to $9,600 when hiring qualified veterans.

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