We Know WOTC

So, why use a company like CMS to process your WOTC Tax Credits? We Know WOTC.

With over 20 years of experience we have the knowledge and know-how of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program to help educate employers on the impressive value of tax credits, and how to obtain them. We have helped save employers thousands of dollars that can be reinvested back into their businesses.

Our WOTC processing service

Choosing a big-name payroll processor, you know who they are, slows things down, and can actually decrease the qualifying response rate. CMS typically sees a 15% per cent qualifying ratio over all new employees. Why do we have such a good rate? It’s because we actually take the time to pre-screen each and every individual WOTC application for accuracy before we submit eligible applications to the state workforce agency. We make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. We go the extra mile which means you’ll get a faster response.

Our WOTC well organized processing team is efficient, proactive and gets things done in a timely manner. Our goal is to find you tax credit savings.

The average customer can expect to see a 15% per cent ratio of qualifying new hires, with an average tax credit of $2,400 (calculate your potential savings).

Above and Beyond

We make it easy for your employees to complete the sometimes sensitive information requested on the WOTC forms 8850, and 9061. We offer three options that your new hires can use to complete the WOTC information: a secure online website. The website also offers translation reducing language barriers, and helping to receive accurate date. A 1-800 Call Center, which is available 24/7, also multi-lingual, it only takes a few minutes for a new hire to answer the questions over the phone. Paper, yes, we can accept paper applications through the mail, secure email or fax. Our customers can use any one of these three options, or they can actually use a combination of each. (WOTC Screening Options).

Calculating Your WOTC Savings

When we have qualified tax credit certifications, we will then calculate the value of the tax credits for you. The tax credits are based on how many hours the employee has worked. They must work a minimum of 120 hours, or three weeks full time, in order for you to receive a 25% per cent tax credit. Or 400 hours to receive the 40% per cent tax credit  (calculate your potential savings).


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In our 21+ years of performing WOTC Screening and Administration we’ve saved millions for our customers.

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