WOTC By The Numbers: WOTC Certifications Issued by Target Group 2008-2012

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On an annual basis State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) must report their Work Opportunity Tax Credit volume to the Department of Labor. The agencies provide details of the number of certifications and denials, with breakdown by target group.

In 2012, the WOTC program was on hiatus, though employers and consultants continued to send in their qualified employees, albeit at a lower volume than usual, in anticipation of the program’s renewal. During the hiatus period the only active target groups were the Veteran groups created by the Vow to Hire Heroes Act of 2011.

Over the last four years SNAP (Food Stamps) Recipients have received the majority of WOTC certifications, 68% in 2012. The second largest category overall is the Long Term TANF Recipient, which received 8% of certifications in 2012. Designated Community Residents i.e. employees who reside in Enterprise Zones, or Rural Renewal Communities, came third receiving 6% of all certifications issued in 2012.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Statistics by Category Provided by the Department of Labor WOTC

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