WOTC Questions: Can Part Time and Temporary Employees Qualify for WOTC?

Can Part Time and Temporary Employees Qualify for WOTC?

At CMS, as Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) experts and service providers since 1997, we receive a lot of questions via our website. In the case of the above question, the sender did not provide their email address, so we were unable to reply directly to them. This is one of the more common questions (FAQ), so we thought we would share, and hopefully will help others too.

CMS Says: You can definitely hire part time and / or temporary employees and apply for WOTC. Part time and temp employees may be eligible under a target group. When they are certified, it may take them a little longer than your regular full time employees to reach the minimum amount of hours necessary to qualify (120) or to reach the maximum amount of hours (400).


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