WOTC Wednesday: Can I Rehire a WOTC Applicant to Meet the 28 Day Rule?

CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Today’s WOTC Wednesday question: Can I Rehire a Qualified WOTC Applicant to Meet the 28 Day Rule?

CMS Responds: If I have a new hire who would qualify, and it’s after 28 days, can I release them and then rehire them to meet the 28-day rule? Sorry folks, legislation states that the WOTC program is only for new hires. They might be a new hire, but they’re over the 28 day start date, sot hat doesn’t work. They have to start work, we have to submit the documentation within 28 days of that start date for you to be eligible for a tax credit.

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About Our WOTC Screening Services

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