WOTC Wednesday: Can We Claim the WOTC Tax Credits If We Hire Temporary Employees?

CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Today’s WOTC Wednesday question: If We Hire Temporary Employees, Can We Claim the WOTC Tax Credits?

CMS Responds: We have a WOTC Question that is regarding the temporary agencies. “If we hire temporary employees for 90 days can we claim the WOTC Tax Credits on those 90 days or not until we directly hire them?” Well, the temporary service would be the employer at this time. However, if you then choose to hire that candidate they are going to be considered a new hire because it’s going under your Federal ID number. So, you can also obtain a tax credit for hiring that person after you hire them.

Note the employee needs to reach a minimum of 120 hours of paid employment for you to receive any tax credit amount.

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