WOTC Wednesday: How Long Must an Eligible Employee Work to Claim WOTC?

CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Today’s WOTC Wednesday question:  How Long Must an Eligible Employee Work to Claim WOTC?

CMS Responds: How long must an eligible employee work before a company can claim a WOTC tax credit? Pretty straightforward, it follows the WOTC guidelines of, first of all we have the 28 day rule where we have to screen the employee and submit all the documentation within 28 days to the state workforce agency. And then, the employee, once we get the certification back, the employee has to work a minimum of 120 hours for you to get 25% of the gross pay up to the first $6,000. Or, if they work more than 400 hours then you’d get a $2,400 potential tax credit, which is 40% of their wages up to the first $6,000.

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