WOTC Wednesday: Why You Should Use a WOTC Screening Service

CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Today’s WOTC Wednesday question: Why You Should Use a WOTC Screening Service

CMS Responds: Why should I use a WOTC screening service like yours, obviously CMS’s, when I can do it myself? The reason why you’d choose us is because it’s a little complex, and there’s three different units of our government that oversee the WOTC program. From the I.R.S. giving us its guidelines, to H.U.D. indicating those designated community residents. (The third, which is not mentioned in the video, is the Department of Labor). What we find being a third party service, we can ask those sensitive questions that, as an employer, you might not want to. That is probably the biggest reason of all.


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