Celebrate Earth Day with Paperless WOTC Screening

CMS, a leading provider of WOTC screening and administration services in the United States, offers an easy way to stay green this Earth Day: Paperless WOTC Screening.

By using CMS’s 24/7 bilingual call center, or by using our secure online WOTC application (see our Flexible Screening Options), you can save money on postage, easily track the status of your applications, and save a tree (or two) by cutting out all that paper.

CMS’s simplified online WOTC application also offers translation into over 100 languages.

WOTC Translation Example

CMS now offers our WOTC customers instant translation of over 100 languages, making it easier than ever to determine eligibility.

Contact CMS today to find out how we can help you make the most of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit’s available. Don’t miss out on savings! We’ve been helping companies maximize their tax credits since 1997. How much can we save you? Call 800-517-9099 or visit our website at www.cmswotc.com