New California Enterprise Zones

The state of California has approved a new enterprise zone that consists of a partnership between the county and city of Los Angeles and the city of Huntington Park that will bring a number of benefits to the communities of Florence-Firestone, the eastern section of Watts, Willowbrook, Wilmington, Walnut Park, Rancho Dominguez, West Rancho Dominquez, West Carson, San Pedro, Harbor City, and Harbor Gateway.

The benefits are available beginning May 1 and continue in force for the next 15 years.

Called Harbor Gateway, it is one of 42 enterprise zones scattered around the state, and officials have been seeking the designation since 2009.

The idea behind the designation is to attract businesses that will bring jobs to these communities, which typically have higher unemployment, lower incomes and continue to lag behind the county and the nation in recovering from the recent recession.

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