Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads Veterans Edition (Crosspost from iRecruit Blog)

Happy Friday! Because it’s Veteran’s Day weekend, I thought today we’d take a look at posts about hiring Veterans!

Recruiting Veterans Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line (Read @ WOTC Blog)
A recent Glassdoor article discusses the benefits of hiring military veterans: What are your company’s biggest goals right now — building out a core product, improving customer service, growing your client base? When looking at employers’ top priorities, it’s rare to find hiring more veterans among them. But when you hear what National Director of Military Affairs at Power Home Remodeling Mike Hansen has to say, you just might change your mind.

Commentary: Here’s why hiring vets is good for business (Read @ Military Times)
Approximately 250,000 service members transition to civilian life every year, and nearly half will seek civilian employment. This annual movement of uniformed people into civilian life is not due to wartime deployments; it’s a steady flow of individuals who have completed military service. That’s good news for American business.

Integrating WOTC With Your Applicant Tracking Software (iRecruit Blog)
Whether you use iRecruit, or another applicant tracking and electronic onboarding solution (ATS), the most efficient, and consistent way to utilize the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program is to include it in your ATS. Doing so facilitates consistency, and will help maximize your results by making sure all (as many as possible) new hires complete the online paperwork to determine eligibility.

Nation rallied around veterans after Great Recession, but many are underemployed (Read @ St. Louis Public Radio)
Thousands of cheering well-wishers lined the streets of downtown St. Louis on Jan. 28, 2012, to welcome home veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The “Welcome Home the Heroes” parade — a rousing patriotic party with floats and marching bands — made national headlines because it was the first of its kind in the nation.

How to Hire Veterans (Read @ WOTC Blog)
Glassdoor reports that there are over 21 million veterans of the US armed forces in the United States, and they come armed with a variety of beneficial skills for employers, as well as having the advantage of being strong team workers.

OLYMPIA – Leaders from the Employment Security Department, chambers of commerce, Washington Department of Veterans Affairs and Washington State Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) join Washington State employers and veterans in celebrating the hiring of the 3,000th veteran through YesVets – a statewide initiative to recognize businesses that hire veterans.

Veterans: How To Obtain a Copy of Your DD214 Form (Read @ WOTC Blog)
Qualified Veterans need to provide a copy of their Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty form, known as a DD214. The easiest way to receive a DD214 for all your Veteran applications is to request it from the National Archives website.

Helping Veterans Find Jobs With Purpose (Read @ Workforce)
Most employees want a meaningful job, but for returning military veterans finding private-sector work that offers a sense of purpose can be a big challenge, and that can lead to job dissatisfaction and high turnover for employers.

WOTC Questions: Where to Post Jobs to attract veterans? (Read @ WOTC Blog)
I am a recruiter for a national retailer and want to start a veteran hiring campaign. Any ideas of where to post openings to attract veterans? There are several veteran friendly, and veteran specific job boards that you can post your jobs to to help attract more veterans to your organization. We’ve listed nine of the most popular veteran job boards below.



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