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Work Opportunity Tax Credit In The News

Keep up-to-date with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit with these recent news articles about WOTC: Seven Tax Policy Issues To Watch In 2019 (Read @ Forbes) Happy New Year. And welcome to 2019, a year when several important tax policy issues are likely to hit the news. Watch for these: Whether Congress will make changes[…]


WOTC Questions: Ex-felon maximum credit is $2,400. Is this for regardless of how many ex-felons I hire?

Ex-felon maximum credit is $2,400. Is this for regardless of how many ex-felons I hire? At CMS, as Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) experts and service providers since 1997, we receive a lot of questions via our website. This week’s question came from an employee! CMS Says: Yes! As long as the qualified employee works[…]

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Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Hiring Ex-Offenders

In a recent online article Businesses can’t find people to hire. So why is unemployment still so high for this demographic?, NBC News reported that despite a record 6.7 million open jobs in America and the fact that nearly one-third of small businesses cannot fill open jobs, the stigma against hiring formerly incarcerated people is[…]

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Hiring Ex-Felons: Does ‘Felon Friendly’ Pay?

An article published this week by Human Resource Executive Online asks the question Does ‘Felon Friendly’ Pay?: Many employers have hopped on the ban-the-box bandwagon in recent years, whether to comply with laws, stay ahead of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or simply to express an open-minded hiring philosophy. It’s not the same thing, however,[…]

WOTC in the News

Work Opportunity Tax Credits in the news: 5 More Reasons To Recruit Veterans There’s a lot of talk these days about our social responsibility to support returning veterans. I absolutely believe we have a duty to do our part, but there are many reasons that also make it a smart business move. Take a look[…]

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WOTC Webinars in July

Learn about the latest legislative updates, and why there has never been a better time to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credits – WOTC with our WOTC expert Brian Kelly. Learn about what’s upcoming and how much you could potentially save using the WOTC. Call CMS toll-free at 1-800-517-9099 or select a webinar[…]

WOTC In The News

Washington businesses earned $66 million in WOTC tax credits The state of Washington reports that employers in that state have received a record $66 million in work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) for the 2011 tax season. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit rewards employers who hire traditionally hard-to-place job seekers, including military veterans, the disabled, ex-inmates,[…]

Work Opportunity Tax Credits In The News

Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) with our blog. We monitor all the legislative news and updates to keep you informed. Here are some of the latest WOTC news updates from around the web: Rebuild America Act Introduced, seeks to extend the Work Opportunity Tax Credit through 2015  U.S.[…]