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Seven Tax Policy Issues To Watch In 2019 (Read @ Forbes)
Happy New Year. And welcome to 2019, a year when several important tax policy issues are likely to hit the news. Watch for these: Whether Congress will make changes to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the potentially chaotic 2018 tax filing season, how states respond to last year’s Wayfair decision on online sales taxes and to their TCJA tax windfall, the fate of President Trump’s tariffs, the future of Europe’s digital taxes, and the tax policy ideas likely to surface in the battle over the Democratic nomination for president.

Programs Aim To Increase Job Prospects For People With Disabilities (Read/Listen @ KLCC)
For employment providers, finding work for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, known as I/DD, can be challenging. Advocates say businesses hesitate to employ people with an I/DD because they see them as liabilities and are unsure people with an I/DD would fit in. Both state and local programs are working on changing this mindset.

Tearing Down Barriers to Employment (Read @ Business Journal Daily)
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Every day, Dionne Dowdy sees people looking for work. As the executive director of United Returning Citizens, she points them toward resources that can help them re-establish their lives outside of prison, whether it’s with a job, housing or any other problems they face. Sometimes, she says, it’s as easy as providing a space for them to vent their frustrations. But she also sees the barriers they face in finding work. She sees the same barriers come up time and time again: transportation, legal restrictions and job training.

Understanding the bottom line of disability employment (Read @ Atlanta Business Chronicle)
Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s Executive Director, Sean T. Casey discusses topics of disability in the workplace that pertain to both employees and employers.

Tips to Maximize WOTC Participation and Increase Savings in 2019
At CMS we have been providing Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) administration services since 1997. With over 20 years of experience, we would like to offer you some tips to make sure you get the maximum tax credit available in 2019. The WOTC program is active throughout 2019.


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