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Keep up-to-date with the latest news on Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) with our news blog. CMS monitors all the legislative news and updates in the media to keep you informed. Here are some of the latest WOTC news updates from around the web over this past month:

Incentivizing poor and low-income persons to work and save more
Means-tested anti-poverty programs determine eligibility based on income and assets. If benefits to able-bodied low income and poor persons are cut in larger proportions of their increasing earnings and assets, it provides a disincentive to earn and save more. Benefit cuts are like a tax on work earnings.

18th Congressional District: Schock vs. Waterworth
PEORIA — A 12-year fixture on Peoria’s political scene is running for his third term representing the 18th Congressional District, while a three-time candidate for the post is trying to unseat him.

Getting A Job Is Tough After Getting Out Of Jail (Video)
Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) A new study released by CareerBuilder shows that half of the roughly 2,300 businesses surveyed have hired people with a criminal record.  The survey shows that the first step is for potential employees to be honest about their past. Here in Idaho, the employers can qualify for a Work Opportunity Tax Credit if they hire someone within a year after they’ve been released from prison.

AT THE END OF THE DAY: Veterans’ Day – Time To Remember, Time To Act
Two weeks from now, our attention will be focused on those praiseworthy veterans who have served us so proudly throughout the years.  Many of them served decades ago while others continue to do so today. Some have had the good fortune to return home safely and pick up where they left off.  Sadly, there were many others who paid the ultimate sacrifice and left us with only fond memories of the contributions they made during their short lives.

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