WOTC Is Saved Under Tax Reform

We received some excellent news over the weekend. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit WOTC has been preserved under the tax reform. Bloomberg Tax’s Tax Reform Roadmap reported that although WOTC would have been repealed by the House Bill, the Senate Amendment had No Provision to repeal WOTC, and “The conference agreement does not follow the House bill provision.”

WOTC Preserved in Tax Reform

The original TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT is available as a PDF. Section E. Reform of Business Credits, on Page 285 covers the Repeal of work opportunity tax credit (sec. 3404 of the House bill and sec. 51 of the Code).

CMS’s Brian Kelly had previously stated in a letter to Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal “It seems counter-productive to repeal a job creation program i.e. the Work Opportunity Tax Credit in legislation labeled – “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

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