WOTC Wednesday: Which U.S. State Issued the Most Amounts of WOTC Tax Credits?

CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Today’s WOTC Wednesday question:  Which State Issued the Most Amounts of WOTC Tax Credits?

CMS Responds: Which state issues the most amounts of WOTC Tax Credits? Actually, it follows our population. The top three are Texas, California and Florida.

States that issued the most WOTC tax credits 2022

  1. California 212,688 (8.28% of total)
  2. Texas 192,950 (7.51% of total)
  3. Florida 183,992 (7.16% of total)
  4. New York 179,446 (6.98% of total)
  5. Ohio 143,768 (5.59% of total)
  6. Illinois 136729 (5.32% of total)
  7. Michigan 112,893 (4.39% of total)
  8. North Carolina 100,052 (3.89% of total)
  9. Pennsylvania 91,670 (3.57% of total)
  10. Georgia 84,026 (3.27% of total)

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